Adele Stanton is one of the main characters from the 2001 film The Majestic. Portrayed by La
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urie Holden, Adele is  the long lost girlfriend of Luke Trimble.


Adele lives in the small town of Lawson in 1951. Her boyfriend Luke Trimble was thought to have been killed in combat during the war, until a man who looks like Luke arrives into town. Unknown to Adele and the other townsfolk, "Luke" is actually Peter Appleton, a young screenwriter who suffered a car accident and as a result has amnesia. Peter was actually on the run from the American government after being accused of being a Communist.

Adele falls back in love with "Luke" and they restore The Majestic theater, an old movie theater that is owned by Luke's father. Following Luke's father passing away, Peter recovers his memory and tells Adele he is not really Luke. Adele admits she suspected the truth all along. Peter is called away to appear before Congress, an event watched by Adele and all of Lawson. Peter ends up clearing his name and returns to Lawson. He and Adele eventually get married and have a son, as well as restore The Majestic.